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Atlaslink Talent Plan-Personalize Your Career Plan

Explore your field of work: Can't determine your career plan? Atlas-link will tailor a one-year rotation internship opportunity with formal employee salary for you. New employees can choose from five aspects: early scientific research, R & D, manufacturing, sales and marketing, customer service, and business operation according to their preferences. After the one-year rotation internship period ends, you can choose a career start point that belongs to you according to your own preferences and company needs.

Flexible promotion path: No matter what position you are in, and how long you work, you have the opportunity to apply for a higher salary and a more suitable job position. In principle, the salary growth of employees is not capped. As long as you have the ability to match our future development and can bring new opportunities for the future of the company, then you can always fill in our salary increase transfer form as long as you work after one year, you can submit the form, then  the company will evaluate and make a decision every six months.

Employee care and welfare policy: As a member of the Atlas-link family, we prepare a series of company welfare policies for employees. In addition to the relevant welfare policies prescribed by the state, we also have regular promotion training, study abroad, travel abroad, and special allowances for senior employees, accommodation allowances, transportation allowances, free regular medical examinations, etc. We hope to continuously improve the quality of life of employees and their own health.