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Beta-Bear Lab

Test For Better Future

Establishment purpose

Beta-Bear R & D Center is a department established directly by the Atlaslink Group in 2019. It aims to improve the company's structure, help the company obtain a full set of independent intellectual property rights for industrial chain manufacturing, and develop new products to reduce external dependence, enhance the international competitiveness, which is a significant part of the group's strategic layout of the whole industry of sales, production and R & D.

R & D talents

The R & D center focuses on the design and development of IVD reagents and equipment, we gatherred professional and technical personnel in this field, including 3 professors and 8 associate professors, all of which have held important positions in universities or research institutes. We have also established long-term cooperative relations with well-known universities and domestic hospitals, disease control centers, to ensure the continuous development of new products.

Products and services

The R & D center is equipped with advanced equipment such as ultra-micro ultraviolet spectrophotometer, ultra-high-speed refrigerated centrifuge, three-dimensional film spraying gold sprayer, etc. At the same time, we have established a three-hectare GMP production base for ensuring that the design results of the R & D center can be quickly transformed from the process to the product.

We also provide professional technical support and testing services to third parties, and develop customized platform products for colloidal gold immunochromatography, fluorescent immunochromatography, and chemiluminescence for customers.