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Mycobacterium Tuberculosis IgG or IgM Test Kit

Cat.No.TB 2001


The TB IgG ELISA is intended for use in the detection of TB IgG to Tuberculosis in human serum or plasma.
Tuberculosis(TB) is considered a severe disease generally. It may infect tissues and organs, such as Lymph nodes, urinary system, reproductive system, skin, intestinal, even central nervous system. TB is characterized by the presence of TB IgG in human serum or plasma. 


Purified TB antigen is coated on the surface of microwells. Patient serum is added to the wells, and the TB IgG, if present, binds to the antigen during incubation. After washing the wells to remove unbound sample, antibody to human IgG conjugated with HRP is added. Unbounded conjugate is removed by a subsequent washing step. A solution of TMB Reagent is then added to the microwells. The enzyme conjugate catalytic reaction is stopped at a specific time. The intensity of the color generated is proportional to the amount of TB IgG in the sample.

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TB 2001
Mycobacterium Tuberculosis IgG or IgM Test Kit