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Fecal Transferrin (TRF) & FOB Test

Cat.No.FOB 533/534


One-Step Fecal Occult Blood and Transferrin (FOB-TRF) Combo Test is a rapid and convenient immunochromatographic assay for the qualitative detection of human hemoglobin and transferrin in human feces specimens. It is intended for professional use as an aid in the diagnosis of gastrointestinal bleeding caused by gastrointestinal diseases such as colon polyps, colorectal carcinoma, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. This assay provides only a preliminary result. Clinical expertise and professional judgment should be sought to further evaluate the result of the test.


Fecal Occult Blood (FOB) test is a very specific and sensitive test for hidden (occult) blood in the feces. Fecal occult blood testing can provide clues as to subtle blood loss in the gastrointestinal tract. Positive tests warrant further investigation for a malignancy such as colorectal cancer or gastric cancer. 
However, the presence of human hemoglobin in feces is inadequate as a screening test for stomach cancer (upper gastrointestinal disorders), because of human hemoglobin derived from the upper digestive tract is broken down in the intestinal tract. Detection of fecal transferrin, which is more resistant to the metabolism in the intestine than hemoglobin, provides the best complementary way of diagnosing the disease in the upper digestive tract. 
Transferrin is a blood plasma protein for iron ion delivery. Transferrin imbalance can have serious health effects for those with high serum transferrin levels. A patient with an increased serum transferrin level suffers from iron deficiency anemia that is one of the most important symptoms when a tumor has caused chronic occult bleeding. 
One-Step FOB-TRF Combo Test is an antigen-capture immunochromatographic assay, detecting the presence of transferrin and/or fecal occult blood in fecal samples. Monoclonal antibodies specifically against human transferrin and hemoglobin, respectively, are 1) conjugated with colloidal gold and deposited on the conjugate pad, and 2) immobilized on the Test Zone (2 and 1) on the nitrocellulose membrane. When a fecal extraction sample is added, it rehydrates the gold-antibody conjugate and the transferrin and/or hemoglobin, if any in samples, interact with the colloidal gold conjugated antibodies. The antigen-antibody-colloidal gold complex will migrate towards the test window until the Test Zone (2 and 1) where they are captured by immobilized antibodies, forming a visible pink line (indicate positive results). If transferrin and hemoglobin is absent in the sample, no pink line will appear in the Test Zone (2 and 1), indicate negative results.
To serve as an internal process control, a control line should always appear at Control Zone (C) after the test is completed. Absence of a pink control line in the Control Zone is an indication of an invalid result.

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FOB 533
Fecal Transferrin (TRF) & FOB Test
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Fecal Transferrin (TRF) & FOB Test