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Cytomegalovirus IgG or IgM Test

Cat.No.CMV 123/129


The detection of CMV IgM/IgG antibody enables effective diagnosis of acute or recent CMV infection. The test is particularly useful for the follow-up of pregnant women, who were not previously exposed to CMV and consequently are not protected against the virus. In addition, determination of specific IgM/IgG antibody in the newborn is useful for the diagnosis of congenital CMV infection.


Cytomegalovirus is a member of the Herpesviridae family. It is a ubiquitous virus with high rates of infection during the first years of life. At least 80% of the adult population throughout the world carries antibodies against CMV. Infection by CMV may be acquired through congenital infection, at the time of delivery, or later in life following transmission via blood transfusion, blood products, saliva and other body fluids. 
Cytomegalovirus infection is mainly asymptomatic. However, persistent fever, pneumonitis, enteritis, mononucleosis, and hepatitis occasionally may occur. In two instances, CMV infection may cause severe complications. First case is the primary infection during early pregnancy, which may lead to congenital abnormalities in the foetus, and the second is infection in immuno-deficient patients, such as recipients of organ or bone marrow transplants and people suffering from acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). In transplantation patients, CMV is the most common infectious cause of mortality. In AIDS patients, CMV-induced diseases commonly affect the lungs, intestines and central nervous system. One serious complication, retinitis, may result in blindness.
Screening for IgG/IgM antibodies to CMV is useful to detect previous exposure to CMV. Determination of the CMV IgG/IgM antibody level at weekly or biweekly intervals also enables diagnosis of acute infection through the demonstration of a significant rise in antibody titer.

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Cytomegalovirus IgG or IgM Test
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Cytomegalovirus IgG/IgM Test