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The second phase expansion of Atlaslink (Gu'An) Technology Co., Ltd. started in an orderly manner

At present, Atlaslink (Gu'An) Technology Co., Ltd.'s second-phase expansion construction plan is basically completed, and has entered the stage of construction preparation and internal plan refinement. It will start from the third quarter to the fourth quarter of 2020. The second-phase expansion project includes a fully automated production capacity GMP ultra-clean intelligent manufacturing plant that fully meets the highest domestic standard, the third category of medical device standards, a low-temperature and low-humidity warehouse with a 5G intelligent storage system, and the renovation of employee dormitory. The total investment is about 130 million yuan. The company will also participate in the construction of 5G intelligent interconnection system with domestic first-class enterprises such as Huawei and Xiaomi Technology, which will greatly improve the company's operating efficiency. At the same time, the factory will also introduce a series of the latest fully intelligent automatic equipment, in conjunction with the company's latest MUR (modular, upgradeable, and replaceable) product design platform, to greatly increase the batch reliability and production capacity of products. After the project is successfully completed and the production line is officially in operation, the annual production capacity will reach 100 million. Atlaslink (Gu'An) Technology Co., Ltd. will become the most productive and technologically innovative in vitro diagnostic product manufacturer in North China.
The newly built intelligent storage system will greatly save labor and space costs. Among them, the intelligent warehouse will be composed of a computer system and a storage module unit. It will complete a series of operations such as post-production storage, customs inspection, shipment, return and exchange in the shortest time. And realize the whole process of electronic, realize traceability, upgradeability, real-time monitoring and so on.
At the same time, in order to improve the staff's office and accommodation level, the company also cooperated with the construction of well-known hotel groups, using the quick-install module technology to greatly improve the staff's living conditions. The new staff dormitory is equipped with 24-hour hot water, air conditioning and air purification systems, and the entire building is paved with a 5G module fiber optic system, which will become the first factory dormitory with a 5G module system in the entire Hebei county.